August 16, 2014

Smorgasburg Food Adventure

I stopped by the Smorgasburg in Williamsburg for some food sampling and came across Ethiopian food.  I hadn't checked off Ethiopia from my list of countries, so was happy to add this one to the list.

Bunna Cafe, an Ethiopian restaurant has a food stand at the Smorgasburg.  I ordered the injera; a sourdough flatbread.  The injera had the texture and taste of light pancakes.  I ordered this with Misir Wot (red lentils), Keysir (sauteed beets, carrots, and potatoes) and Gomen (sauteed kale with carrots).  The misir wot was my favorite of the three, it had a slight kick.

I picked up some Bunna; an Ethiopian coffee which had a nice cinnamon taste.

There's lots of different choices at the Smorgasburg, there are approximately 100 food vendors representing a wide range of cuisines.   For dessert, I headed to the Bamboo Bites. I picked up the mango with sticky rice for dessert. The rice was drizzled with a sweet cream. I love this dessert, the creaminess, the freshness of the mango, this was a nice treat.  I definitely will go back and taste some of the other flavors that they have.

The Smorgasburg has so many different options to choose from. It's a great way to experience lots of different foods in one location.  Here are a few images of other stands.

If you're interested in checking out the Smorgasburg, it's at the East River State Park in Williamsburg on Saturdays through November. For other locations, visit the website.

(Williamsburg location)
East River State Park
90 Kent Avenue, at North 7th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Closest Subway Stop: Bedford Avenue (L)

June 5, 2014

Malaysian Food Adventure

I just returned from Malaysia and had such a wonderful culinary experience I wanted to share some of the highlights.  It was my first time in Malaysia and I was very excited about the food possibilities and Malaysia certainly did not disappoint.  I enjoyed street food as much as fine dining, and I especially enjoyed going to the markets and checking out the broad range of fruits available.

Below are some highlights from my trip to the markets in Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi and Sabah (Borneo).

One of my favorite experiences in any country is to eat the local food. I usually do my own exploring but while in Kuala Lumpur I took advantage of Urban Adventures food tour to explore the food of Little India and Chinatown.  The tour guides (Gabby and Carlson) were so great at giving us lots of information about the places we visited, the food we tasted and really giving us a taste of Malaysia.  Two of my favorite foods from my time in Malaysia on this tour are: the amazing banana fritters (a really light batter, so good) and the crunchy Misoa noodles stir fry.  Here are a few pictures from my favorite foods while in Malaysia, including some from the food tour.

My goal now is to try and find these foods in NYC, especially the ones that I really loved.  The alternative of course is to try and make it myself.  Luckily I purchased a Malaysia recipe book and I look forward to testing those recipes out.

If you're ever in Kuala Lumpur check out the Urban Adventures food tour.  It's an adventure you will not forget.  You can book directly online at Urban Adventures food tour or Food Tour Malaysia.

Until next time, Buen Provecho!

April 13, 2014

The Copenhagen: Danish Food Adventure

A couple of weeks ago I had a change to stop by The Copenhagen for a bite.  I was hoping for some traditional Danish food, but the menu was limited, more of a traditional brunch menu. The Copenhagen is a Danish restaurant off of Canal Street, near the Holland Tunnel.
I ordered the Bixemad: potatoes, fried egg and onion, with Havarti cheese.  I also got the bread basket: rye bread with butter and jam.  I was hoping for a Danish pastry but they were out that day.  The potatoes were quite tasty, kind of like the American version of home fries.  The bread was hearty and I really liked the jam. The rest of the dish was pretty straightforward, fried eggs and cheese with coffee.
Bread Basket
I"ll have to go back to The Copenhagen for dinner and taste some of the more traditional dishes.  Until next time, Buen Provecho!

The Copenhagen
13 Laight Street
New York, NY 10012
Phone: 212.925.1313
Closest Subway Stop: Canal Street (1)

March 16, 2014

Almayass: Armenian Food Adventure

I've had Almayass on my list of places to check out for quite some time.  I was happy to finally go this past week.  Almayass is an Armenian restaurant in the Flatiron District.  Complementary pita bread is served on the table.  I ordered the labneh toom: a yogurt dipping sauce blended with dry mint and olive oil to dip the pita in.  I didn't taste the mint but it did have a slightly garlicky taste to it.
Pita with Labneh Toom
For my appetizer I ordered the subereg. The description on the menu was of a pastry with cheese and parsley but this tasted more like pasta, almost like a cheese lasagna without the sauce. It was chewy, with a little crisp on top.
The main entree was the Almayass delight, described as filet mignon cubes sauteed with garlic, tomato and parsley.  The meat was incredibly flavorful.  Strangely it reminded me of bhindi masala.
Almayass Delight
For dessert I ordered the ashta el saraya, which is cream of milk with pistachios.  The bottom of this dessert is like a spongy cake, topped with the sweet cream of milk and the pistachios.  This desserts is not very sweet, it's served with a simple syrup that your pour over it.  It's really rich and dense.  I enjoyed this with a Rooibos Chai tea (cinnamon, cardamon, ginger, and lemongrass).
Ashta el Saraya
Ashta el Saraya with Rooibos Chai Tea
This was an incredibly filling and satisfying food adventure.  Lots of good food at Almayass and very friendly service.  I'm hoping to do a few more food adventures in the coming months and as always share my adventures on this blog.  Until next time, Buen Provecho!

24 East 21st Street
New York, NY 10010
Closest Subway Stop: 23rd Street & Park Avenue South (6)

November 9, 2013

Khe-Yo: Laos Food Adventure

It's been a while since I've blogged about a food adventure, but I'm happy to share my Laotian food adventure.  I learned of Khe-Yo's opening a couple of months ago, a Laotian inspired restaurant in NYC.  This week I went to Khe-Yo with a friend; not sure what to expect but open to the adventure. 

While I waited for my friend to arrive I ordered a Lao-Lao; a pear infused rice whiskey.  I read somewhere that this is the world's cheapest liquor and can be found in shops all over Laos.  It's not cheap at Khe-Yo, but still worth the try as part of the food adventure experience.

My friend arrived and we were seated promptly.  Complementary sticky rice is served with two dipping sauces, bang bang (a chili dipping sauce) and roasted eggplant dip.  The rice is meant to be eaten with your hands, which is quite fun; just make small balls out of the rice and dip them in either of the dipping sauces.  The chili sauce had a lot of heat (a little goes a long way).

Continuing on the rice theme, we ordered the coconut rice balls with kaffir lime sausage.  I didn't really taste the coconut on these, but they did have a slightly sweet taste with a hint of lime. They were placed on top of a sauce, possibly tamarind sauce which was also sweet. I really enjoyed these, the texture reminded me of the Italian arancinis.

The dishes at Khe-Yo are meant to be shared, family style.  We ordered two dishes for our entree: the lemongrass and lime kaffir poussin and the pork curry noodles. The Pork Curry Noodles, a red curry with small pieces of pork and I believe rice noodles had very subtle flavors.  The lemongrass and lime chicken was served with brussels sprouts.  The chicken was very moist, had great lemongrass and ginger flavors; but I would've eaten a bowl just of the brussels sprouts they were so good (this coming from a girl who used to hate brussels sprouts).

From the beginning of this food adventure, rice was constant throughout the entire meal, I expected we would have rice in our dessert.  But as it turns out for dessert, there was one option: a pumpkin and ginger fall cake with pecans.  Even though we were pretty full, we had a little room left for dessert.  I don't know how this dessert is influenced by Laotian culture however, it was delicious and so fitting for a fall night in NYC. 

I'm happy to share this Laotian food adventure with you, until next time Buen Provecho!

157 Duane Street
New York, NY 10013
Phone: 212.587.1089
Closest Subway Stop: Chambers Street (1,2,3)