June 29, 2011

U.S.A. Week: Buffalo Wings

Ok so I personally don't eat Buffalo Wings on 4th of July, however I do know people who serve this at their Independence Day barbecue celebrations.  Buffalo Wings are definitely an American food and they were created in Buffalo, NY.  I lived in Buffalo for quite some time and in Buffalo people just call them chicken wings, I didn't hear them called Buffalo Wings until I moved to NYC.

Chicken wings are deep fried and then covered in a hot sauce.  It's a pretty simple thing to do but surprisingly I've eaten my fair share of crappy wings in NYC, everything from breaded (Yuk!) to soggy (YUK! YUK!).  So for this food adventure I decided I would go to a place that would definitely know how to do them...Buffalo transplants in NYC.  I did some research and found out that there were two guys from Buffalo who opened up shop in Brooklyn and serve chicken wings in true Buffalo style, Bonnie's Grill.

Bonnie's Grill is located in Park Slope, it has an old diner feel to it.  As soon as my friend Cathryn arrived, we were ready to order: large order (20) medium wings Please!

Buffalo Wings
These were crispy, each one covered in hot sauce and they provided the much needed celery with blue cheese (calms the heat); so we were ready to dig in.  The wings were as delicious as I expected them to be, love that they were all crispy.  My only complaint, they don't do my favorite style of wings....wings covered with hot sauce then BBQ sauce....I must go to Buffalo for that one.

But in the mean time if you're making "Buffalo wings" this 4th of July, remember keep it simple; deep fry them, toss them in a bowl, pour your favorite hot sauce and shake them around so they're all nice and covered...that's it!  Buen Provecho!

Bonnie's Grill
278 5th Ave (Between 1st Street and Garfield Place)
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Closest Subway Stop: Union St (R)