September 29, 2011

Lomo Saltado: Peruvian Dish

I didn't spin the globe for this food adventure as I usually do; instead this week I ended up at Flor de Mayo by chance.  Flor de Mayo is a Peruvian Chinese restaurant in the Upper West Side.  This might seem like an odd combination, but Peru has the largest Chinese population in South America; specifically the largest community is in Lima's Barrio Chino.  Chinese immigrants began arriving in Peru in 1849 to work on sugar plantations. 

I've been to Flor de Mayo before so I automatically knew what I was going to order: Lomo Saltado, probably the most recognizable Peruvian dish.

Lomo Saltado
Lomo Saltado is a combination Peruvian/Chinese dish.  It consists of slices of marinated beef, stir-fried with vegetables such as red onions, tomatoes, and potatoes, served over white rice.  The key is to have flavorful strips of beef mixed with the vegetables but for the vegetables to hold their texture.  I've had Lomo Saltado at various places in NYC but Flor de Mayo seems to make the best version I've tasted (outside of my mom's, she makes a pretty good one). 

Okay so I guess this doesn't count as an adventure since I've had this dish many times before, but it was a tasty meal.  If you're in the mood for some Peruvian flavors, definitely check out Flor de Mayo.  Until next time, Buen Provecho!

Flor de Mayo
484 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10024
Phone: 212.787.3388
Closest Subway Stop: 86th Street (1)