October 11, 2011

Eight Mile Creek: Australian Food Adventure

Elderflower Martini
This past weekend I checked out Eight Mile Creek in NoLita and had a fun food adventure.  To start with, I ordered the Elderflower Martini, which was super refreshing and tasted a little like pear juice.  This might become one of my new favorite martinis. 

So while I'm sitting there enjoying my drink a totally random thing happened.  This group walks in and say to this girl at the bar "You look familiar, you're Bunny" and she's says "Do I know you?", the group starts snapping pictures of her and they're like "It's Bunny". She starts laughing and says "I just had a boob job so I may look a little different, but why don't we go down under and get to know each other a little better".  They all leave and I'm like WTF.  I look at the bartender and he says "Scavenger hunt". NYC is a special place. 

Ok back to the important thing: the FOOD. 

For the appetizer, I ordered the grilled Kangaroo Skewers with Australian Pepperberry Ketchup.  I wasn't sure what to expect from the kangaroo meat, but it tasted similar to beef, very tender.  The skewers were juicy.  The pepperberry ketchup had a sweet taste but also a slight taste of black pepper.  I enjoyed these a lot, totally would have them again!

Grilled Kangaroo Skewers with Pepperberry Ketchup
For my entree, I ordered the Classic Aussie Meat Pie. The meat pie was served in a buttery, flaky pie crust.  The filling made of minced meat with gravy was very creamy.  The size of the pie was perfect, it wasn't too big for me to feel stuffed, but just big enough to satisfy and leave a little room for dessert.
Classic Aussie Meat Pie
I really wanted to try the Lamingtons, but they weren't able to make this on the day I went so I chose the Sticky Date Pudding instead.

Sticky Date Pudding
The Sticky Date Pudding was very similar to the Malva Pudding I had at the South African restaurant Madiba.  It was a spongy cake with crunchy tidbits of dates, surrounded by a delicious caramel sauce.  This is a very sweet dessert.  The vanilla ice cream actually served to balance the flavors.

I loved everything I ate/drank at Eight Mile Creek.  I plan on going back and exploring other Australian dishes, especially the Lamingtons.  If you get a chance definitely check out this spot, it's totally worth it.  Until next time, Buen Provecho!

Eight Mile Creek
240 Mulberry Street
New York, NY 10012
Phone: 212.431.4635
Closest Subway Stop: Spring Street (6)