February 6, 2012

Bann: Korean Food Adventure

I love Restaurant Week in NYC because of all the great restaurants that participate.  I browsed through the list of restaurants and their menus; I really liked Bann so I recommended it to my friend, he agreed it was worth checking out so off we were.  Bann is a Korean fusion restaurant in Hells Kitchen.  I've never had Korean food (believe it or not) so I was looking forward to this dinner.  I asked the waitress if there's a difference between North Korean food and South Korean food, but she didn't know.  I've been curious about this for some time, I'm sure there are subtle differences (at the very least), so if you know what they are by all means feel free to share.

Back to the food.  To start with I had the "Dak Nal Ke Ti Kim" or the spicy honey chili glazed crispy chicken wings with pickled sweet & sour daikon.  The sauce on these wings was sweet with a little kick, I can't say they're very spicy and they're definitely not crispy.  Overall the taste was great, the wings were meaty and juicy but I can't say they're the best wings I've ever had (not even close).  The daikon helps cleanse the palate.
Dak Nal Ke Ti Kim
For the entree I went with the Korean BBQ: "Bul Go Gi" or the rib eye.  This is a fun experience.  The meat is brought out in one dish, as are the various condiments, lettuce wraps & veggies, garlic in oil and onions to be grilled.  The server was nice enough to set the heat for us and walk us through.  Cook the beef, assemble a lettuce wrap and enjoy!  How fun, I just wish I had more food to grill. 

Bul Go Gi
Also tasted the "Dae Jil Kalbi" or the pork spare ribs.  They were meaty, sweet and a little tangy.

Dae Jil Kalbi

Unfortunately by the time dessert came I was pretty stuffed from all the meat but we had the chocolate cake and the Asian pear crumble.  Both were pretty good, the chocolate cake was very rich while the pear crumble was a little lighter.
Asian Pear Crumble
Chocolate Cake
This was a fun food adventure.  I enjoyed the lettuce wraps the most, although all of it was pretty tasty.   Until next time, Buen Provecho!

350 W. 50th Street (Between 8th & 9th Avenues)
New York, NY 10019
Phone: 212.582.4446
Closest Subway Stop: 50th Street (C, E)