March 18, 2012

Berimbau: Brazilian Food Adventure

For this food adventure I went to Berimbau in the village to enjoy some Brazilian food.  I've had Brazilian food many times but I was looking forward to this food adventure just the same.  I was especially looking forward to the Pao de Queijo.  They're these cheesy little breads, that are soft and a little gooey on the inside but toasty on the outside.  Of course I had to have a Caipirinha with my meal.  Cairpirinha is a drink make with Cachaca (a Brazilian rum), sugar and limes.  It tastes somewhat similar to a Mojito, but without the mint leaves and slightly stronger alcohol taste.

Pao De Queijo
Although the most traditional dish in Brazil is the Feijoada (a bean and meat stew) I really was more in the mood for steak, so I had the Picanha.  The Picanha is top sirloin served with yuca flour, rice and beans, and a vinaigrette.  The steak is very juicy.  The vinaigrette is made of various pickled veggies like onions and peppers and it has a slightly sweet taste.  The yuca flour is an interesting item, it tastes like your eating loose flour with little tidbits of meat inside, I didn't really like this too much.  The beans were very garlicky, which I liked.

This was a quick but tasty food adventure.  Until next time, Buen Provecho!

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